Sienna is a bounty hunter based out of Bartertown, originating from The Citadel. She is the youngest daughter and second natural-born child of the ruling All-Mother.

Appearance Edit

Sienna has a copious amount of thick, dark brown hair that falls straight as an arrow to a trim waist; part of it is usually tied out of the way in a series of small braids. Her eyes are pale green, several shades lighter than the norm, and the irises are ringed with gold, though it is only apparent when one is face to face with her. A fair complexion is accentuated by high cheekbones and the slightest of clefts in her chin. Lanky limbs have been made strong by years of roaming the wasteland and she stands on the upper end of the height range for women, at five foot eight.

Background Edit


Equipment Edit

A kukri, a sawed-off Remington 12-gauge pump action shotgun, and an HK45 semi-automatic pistol. Sienna prefers to walk, and carries a pack on her person at all times filled with essentials like a canteen, extra ammunition and small rations of food. She also possesses a Walkman on which she constantly listens to number of musical cassette tapes.