The Thunderdome is a gladiatorial arena where disagreements between men are settled under the law.

Location Edit

Bartertown, the dome in Gas Town is has been re-purposed as a warehouse.

History Edit

The official purpose of Thunderdome is to preserve order in Bartertown by bringing feuds to a quick and decisive end. It eventually developed into a major blood sport and spectacle attended by carnival-like celebrations. The Thunderdome in Bartertown has recently been expanded into a building and is noticeably larger than before. Not only does it include single fights, but now features many participants fighting against each other. The dome at Gas Town has since been demolished.

Layout Edit

It consists of a giant domed cage of metal within a massive warehouse of pieced together tin and steel, with various weaponry pick-ups locating round its sides.

Arena Rules Edit

Although there aren’t any written rules, there exists a set of physical laws within the dome. Upon starting, both participants are attached to a bungee cable that grants them increased athletics, which benefits them both in combat and acquiring the weapons that are perched higher up in the cage. The various weapons available for use within the dome include: Chinese gun-dao spears, chainsaws with limited fuel, spiked maces and metal sledge-hammers. .